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Intentional Community

Becoming part of a greater whole

Who are we?

We are a group of people who were drawn together by the desire to create an intentional community in the Berkshires. We believe there is a healthier and more joyful way for human beings to live, work, grow, and play together than what is considered normal in mainstream culture. We feel called to shift from the predominant me-first mentality to a way of living that recognizes that we are truly part of a greater whole.

Our Vision

We want to see a world where people recognize and honor their interconnectedness with one another and the natural environment and are dedicated to the well-being of the planet. We want to live in a world where we resolve conflict with thoughtfulness and care, respect one another’s boundaries, seek to understand our differences, and explore deeper levels of awareness. 

Our Mission

  • Gather a diverse multi-generational community of people who want to prioritize collaboration and service to the greater whole, while also respecting individual needs and goals.

  • Tap into the power and wisdom of the collective to expand our individual perspective and get things done. 

  • Deepen our awareness of collective consciousness. 

  • Create an environment that brings out the spiritual, emotional, material and creative potential of each person and the community as a whole. 

  • Create a culture that values and celebrates:

  • Speaking the truth; listening with mutual respect and compassion.

  • Accountability, trust, and shared power and responsibility.

  • Moving beyond personal preference to facilitate effective decision-making.

  • Each member’s spiritual and philosophical orientation.

  • Togetherness and joyful recreation.

  • Each member’s need for personal time and private space.

  • Creativity & artistic expression.

  • Appreciation, gratitude, and generosity.

  • Practices and resources that promote health and wellbeing.

Our latest Update

August 2022


Dear visitors, we want to give you a brief update on our intention to create a vibrant cohousing community here in the Berkshires.

Since November of 2020 we have made three attempts to buy property and / or a large building here in this area and had to give up each time so far. The prices rose so dramatically after Covid that we could not make the numbers work. Perhaps we were also still too small a group.


In spite of those set backs we continue to hold a strong intention to have a residential community when, and if, the needed conditions are present. But nothing is on the horizon at the moment. We also began to think of ourselves as a community without walls. And we are exploring ideas to foster community awareness and greater connectedness in other ways than living together.


We started to meet again in person for pot luck events this summer, and we also have our Salon events on Zoom that happen every month. The Salons are a gathering to exchange thoughts, experiences and inspiration on a specific theme we choose each month. 

Vision, Mission
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