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Original Aims

  • Seek diverse people of all ages and grow our membership to a minimum of 15 households.

  • Obtain a property that best serves our mission and vision.

  • Design and build beautiful, affordable, energy-efficient housing and a spacious shared community building--or retrofit an existing property.

  • Become proficient in using Sociocracy to govern ourselves and make decisions. 

  • Offer forums, such as “salons,” to explore spiritual, evolutionary, and cultural ideas as a way to foster connection and exchange with like-minded people in the surrounding area.

  • Have fun together! 

Old Dreams

  • Create beautiful gardens and grow organic food using sustainable principles.

  • Share spaces and resources (community kitchen, laundry, tools & equipment, guest quarters, maker spaces, library, office spaces, food harvest, etc.)

  • Develop methods for constructive conflict resolution.

  • Create cottage industries as a source of income for the community. (Such as classes and workshops, healing arts services, farming internships, construction internships, selling produce and farm products, etc.) 

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