Community Life

In our mind community life is what we are developing right now, even though we don't have a piece of land with houses on it yet. Once we do, we would like community life to extend beyond the households that settle in the physical community and reach into the neighboring towns.

To grow our reach we have been holding "BIC Salons" for our neighbors in Berkshire county to invite a inspired sharing on subjects that we find interesting such as:

"How do we relate and respond to change and uncertainty in our lives?", 

"What is the potential future that’s calling you forward?"

or: "What peeks have you had beyond the veil, and how did that impact your life?"

During the summer months we have held many community pot lucks.

* * * * * * *

Soon we'll write more about how we envision community life to flourish once we can begin to share a permanent physical environment.