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We welcome diversity in our community and therefor neither promote nor discourage any one particular spiritual or religious practice.

Some of us have intensive experience living in spiritual communities for many years (in some cases in more than one). Some of us have had several spiritual paths, others no formal one. Currently, our interests span a range from the Course in Miracles to the Evolutionary Collective, as well as other less clearly defined or named approaches. We love what each of us brings to the group and we are curious and not afraid to question each other to learn more.

Spirituality points to a truth beyond the materialistic worldview that dominates Western culture and describes a path toward unity, whether it be through Yoga, Vedanta, Evolutionary Spirituality, Buddhism, the Abrahamic religions, sacred plant medicine or Western philosophy.

We keep learning about what nourishes and guides each of us in our approach to life and what it is that makes us trustworthy people. What we discover is that it is not the particulars of any spiritual path but the “container” of transparency, authenticity, and deep interest we are building and in which we exchange our ideas and deepest yearnings.

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